Terry Halden started visiting and photographing Montana's precious metal mining ghost towns more than fifteen years ago. As his interest grew, he started researching the histories of each town, with the result, THE GHOST TOWNS & MINING DISTRICTS OF MONTANA.

"I come by my interest in mining legitimately," says Mr. Halden. "My grandfather was a coal miner who died from silicosis, the dreaded 'black lung' disease."

Mr. Halden is a director of the Montana Ghost Towns Preservation Society and has had his photographs published in a calendar by that society. He has also published ghost town articles in True West, Wild West and Montana magazines, along with local and national papers. He is an active member of Western Writers of America.

His book, Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana is not only for the growing legion of 'ghosttowners', both 4-wheeler and armchair, but for anyone interested in the precious metal mining history of Montana.