"Wonderful book...It sure is great"
-- John Ellingsen, Past President, Montana Ghost Town Preservation Society

"Your book is terrific...It's making me homesick for Western Montana. You did a really thorough job. I love the little quick facts boxes."
-- Doreen Chaky, western author

"Terry Halden has produced an excellent new book that will help you with all kinds of details of Montana ghost towns - directions, maps, photos, verbal descriptions, history. It's by far the most helpful book in my collection. I wish I'd had such a book 10 years ago!"
-- Richard Mende, M.A., M.Ed.

"I do like the book. I like the format and the consistency. The pictures are wonderful, too. It is important to keep that information and those pictures for posterity."
-- Richard Lee, Webmaster, Montana Ghost Town Preservation Society

"I learn from Terry Halden's wonderful 252 page book that Garnet is one of more than 300 Montana ghost towns that Halden has grouped into their historic mining districts (179 of them). Maps, interesting text and easy-to-follow "Fast Facts" provide great detail."
-- Gregory Lalire, Editor, Wild West Magazine

"Halden's new guide to abandoned mining towns and districts provides valuable information and photographs of over 300 Montana ghost towns and 179 historic mining districts, arranged by county. There has not been such a comprehensive guide to Montana Ghost Towns since Muriel Sibell Woole's classic, Montana Pay Dirt, which was published in 1963. Halden's book uses historic photos from a variety of sources, including the Montana Historical Society Photo Archives."
-- Brian Shovers, Library Manager, Montana Historical Society

"A substantial resource book that includes fast facts about more than 300 ghost towns and 179 mining districts and hundreds of photographs - both archival and contemporary. The depth of research is impressive and the writing is crisp and concise. Well done."
-- Book review, Roundup magazine, Western Writers of America

"I've very much enjoyed your book Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana. It looks like you put a ton of work into it. It's so well organized. You've done a great service for mining history in Montana."
-- Allan Mathews, Historian, BLM, Missoula

"Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana, by Terry Halden, is the definitive guide to the ghost towns and mining districts of Montana. This extensive work contains information and photos on over 300 ghost towns and 179 mining districts. The book is organized by County and then district within each County. Each County section begins with a map showing the location of each district within the County. District descriptions begin with a "fast facts" block that list alternate district names, location within the County, date of discovery, who discovered the district, principal mines, camps and towns, and what remains of mining operations and camps today. The district and town descriptions contain good summaries of the discovery, operation of mines and building of towns, and ultimately the decline of each district. Many historical photos are included throughout the book.

"It is clear that the author conducted extensive research to put this book together. I plan on using the book as both a research tool and a guidebook during future mining history expeditions in Montana. I would highly recommend Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana to anyone interested in the ghost towns or mining history of Montana."
-- Aaron Walton, Western Mining History website